Manufacturers are special and we know it

Your valued network of customers, dealers, distributors, channel partners, and employees around the globe expect exceptional experiences. Do you have the technology you need to get the job done?

  • Product information is scattered across multiple systems
  • Large product portfolio for fragmented audiences
  • Complex faceted search requirements
  • Increasingly global, mobile customers expect relevant online experiences

Our solution approach

When we say "we understand your needs," we mean it - some of our longest-running client partnerships are with manufacturers. Aware has built global, multi-channel digital experiences for manufacturers worldwide and we can do that for you too.

  • Streamline product catalog production and maintenance for cross-channel distribution
  • Implement scalable globalization and translation strategies
  • Integrate legacy systems to unify your customer and product data

Let's Get Started

We'd love to hear from you. We probably have a lot in common. I mean, you like chatting about data-binding, UX patterns, and javascript functions, right?


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