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Analysis & Planning

We'll help you:
Data Modeling
Create a scalable data model to help eliminate disparate data silos and shorten time to value
Process Development
Obtain a clear picture of what your data processes will take to build and configure
Workflow Development
Improve your speed-to-market with workflows that perform in parallel
Plan for Scale
Iterate future PIM expansion by focusing on specific requirements of additional product channels
Data Planning & Export
Deliver accurate product information to retailers, sellers, and customers

Systems & Design 

We'll help you:
Architecture & Planning
Plan for scalability, performance, and redundancy while keeping user experience in mind
Taxonomy Definition
Implement scalable hierarchies with schemas relevant to your products and your customers
Cloud Based Solutions
Achieve the Ideal solution for scalability and universal access
Visual Design
Present an appealing and consistent array of products to customers so they can easily find what they need
Enterprise Search
Surface content through the PIM repository so you can deliver your product data in the right formats to the correct channels

Tools & Integrations

We'll help you:
Implement a comprehensive framework with restful APIs and pre-built connectors to ERP, CMS, and ecommerce systems
Legacy Systems
Integrate inRiver PIM with legacy systems to help facilitate change in internal processes or workflows
Reach a global audience with integrated translation and localization
Analytics & BI
Integrate with your data warehouse and BI tools
Manage your workflows from end to end
Customer Experience
Facilitate creation, handling, and distribution of product info across channels, in multiple languages

Implementation & Customization

We'll help you:
Custom .NET Development
Extend the framework; the possibilities are endless
inRiver Apps
Dive into the possibilities with inRiver PIM Portal, inRiver PIM Planner App, inRiver PIM Supplier Onboarding, inRiver PIM Content Store, and inRiver PIM Print
Product Management
Efficiently manage product data in a visually appealing manner

Training & Support

We'll help you:
Custom Content Author Training
Train your authors to use inRiver efficiently
Side-by-Side Developer Training
Ensure your in-house developers own your inRiver instance
Hands-on Learning
Import a subset of your data into each category for hands-on learning
Manage Products
Learn how to rapidly create and distribute visually appealing product information to multiple channels

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