PIM/MDM Tool Selection

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PIM Recommendation

There are dozens of Product Information Management (PIM) and Product Master Data Management (MDM) tools on the market with different features, costs, and limitations. Without real-world access to these tools it is impossible for a business to understand if a PIM tool is right for them. Investing in the wrong PIM could cost your business, both in fees and in data quality.

Aware has the expertise to help you understand which tool is right for your business. By investigating your entire product data ecosystem, understanding the issues with your business’ current product data systems, and understanding your goals and product data needs, we can recommend the PIM tools that are right for your business. Our approach is tool agnostic, and we know the strengths and weaknesses of all the major PIM tools on the market. Aware has implemented many different PIM tools to give your team an inside look into these tools you won’t get from a sales person.

Aware can also recommend the right implementation strategy, remediation plan, data model, and governance integration. Our approach looks at your entire ecosystem to ensure integration of your PIM tool instead of an implementation based solely on getting a PIM stood up. This ensures better data quality, more efficient workflow, and lower cost of ownership over the life of your PIM.


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