Your product data represents your brand. Ensure you're telling the right story.

Control Your Product Message

We'll help you:
Data Evaluation
Understand your product data needs and how that may affect your tool options
PIM Selection
Identify critical features and use an agnostic approach to determine the best-fit PIM tool for your needs
Vendor Management
Work with PIM vendors to maximize results and minimize costs
Consistent Messaging
Enhance your brand by managing the message and data you send across multiple channels, such as your e-commerce site, Google, Amazon, and print
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We'll help you:
Product Information Management
Right-size your total cost of ownership (TCO) and enhance your speed-to-market to increase your return on investment
Custom Connectors
Build connectors and configure integrations to feed data downstream
Software Installation & Configuration
Move from analysis to implementation faster and with fewer headaches
Data Communication
Enable complex connection points like 1WorldSync, Amazon, and Walmart
Data Model Consulting
Evaluate your data model, your processes, and refine your product data quality
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Data Governance Development

We'll help you:
Data Governance Review
Determine your data governance goals, processes, and documentation strategies and make improvement recommendations
Product Data Process Design
Build processes that work within your ecosystem to enable data governance without sacrificing speed-to-market
Best Practice Governance Implementation
Implement data governance programs that meet industry standards to increase your data quality

Product Data Modeling

We'll help you:
Data Models
Architect and build your product data model to be scalable and flexible for your business
PIM Implementation
Implement your optimized data model into your PIM solution to power your product data collection
Document the development of your custom data model with precision and clarity
Data Relationships
Understand the relationships between your products and your taxonomy

Taxonomy Development

We'll help you:
Product Taxonomy
Normalize and standardize your product data, and realize your data quality goals
Navigation Taxonomy
Aggregate and organize your products into an intuitive structure for easy navigation; map your product schema to your web navigation
Data Remediation
Cleanse and organize your data before migration into your optimized taxonomy

Industry Solutions

As a manufacturer, your business encounters unique challenges in collecting and syndicating your data. Systems like SAP do not handle marketing data, and your channel partners need your data in their format. We'll help you untangle the mess.
From GDSN and 1WorldSync, to building supplier portals and integrating your data stores to support omni-channel experiences, managing product data while maintaining data quality can be a herculean effort that costs your business in speed-to-market.
House of Brands
House of Brands
Acquiring businesses as a strategic growth methodology can lead to redundant technology, incompatible data models, and horrible data quality. Each company you acquire brings new back office systems, technology platforms, and data models. 
Engaging with vendors to source data for products is difficult at best. They might send you a PDF, a web site, a spreadsheet, or all of the above. Trying to manipulate the data between formats is a time-consuming task that is costing your business.

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