We've developed products for all the platforms we implement to make them faster, smarter, and better connected. 

Our Products

01. Products

Sitecore+inRiver Connector Pro

Publish product data from inRiver into Sitecore with this simple and configurable connector which leverages Sitecore best practices for content structure.

02. Products

Salesforce+inRiver Connector

Publish product data from inRiver into Salesforce with this configurable connector that maintains product relationships, hierarchies, items and categories from inRiver to Salesforce.

03. Products

Azure/AWS+InRiver Connector

Publish related product assets or resources from inRiver to Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) for low-cost usage of assets on websites with this configurable connector which easily supports publishing related product assets or resources to Azure, AWS cloud or CDN environments.

04. Products

CloudCraze+inRiver Connector

Enable the use of CloudCraze B2B Ecommerce running on Salesforce to monetize your inRiver product content with this simple and configurable connector.

05. Products

Episerver+inRiver Connector Pro

Publish product data from inRiver into Episerver with this simple and configurable connector which was built for both inRiver PIM version 6 and inRiver Product Marketing Cloud.

06. Products

Digital Briefcase

Arm your team with access to the tools they need – regardless of Internet connectivity. Easily share Sitecore files or content with remote teams using a convenient mobile app.

07. Products

XML Sitemap Generator

Showcase fresh content in real-time with automatic sitemap updates in Sitecore and eliminate this formerly time-consuming manual process.

08. Products

Metadata Manager for Sitecore

Aware’s Metadata Manager allows you to organize your site-wide metadata from one central location in Sitecore. Easily manage keywords, canonical URL tags, page descriptions and titles.

09. Products

Survey Manager for Sitecore

The Survey Manager enables content authors to quickly create dynamic surveys within Sitecore without the use of a third party tool or the risk of an off-brand customer experience.

10. PRoducts

URL Redirect Module for Sitecore

The URL Redirect Module gives users the ability to map old URLs to new Sitecore URLs in order to enable search-based visitors to be directed to the proper page. Don’t lose conversions – ensure search-based visitors always find what they’re looking for.

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