Content & Data Syndication

Retailers and customers demand consistent and accurate product data. Throw away the spreadsheets and get organized with integrated data syndication.

Go to market faster, bring consistency to your data, and make your product managers happy.

Many companies manage their product data in disconnected databases and a gazillion spreadsheets that are maddening to maintain. Making sure your retailers have your data in the format they demand only increases the headaches. The pain of this scenario is felt across the entire company and is often realized in expensive chargebacks. A content and data syndication tool can streamline this process through consistent, accurate data and automated distribution.

We can transform your data syndication nightmare into a streamlined process that works for you and your retail channel.

Aware’s Data Practice analysts can help you untangle your product data and recommend the right syndication tool for your needs. Once we integrate the syndication tool with your product data ecosystem, we’ll work with your retail partners, distributors, and other channel players to ensure the data they receive is consistent, accurate, and timely.

Content & Data Syndication Partners

01. Content & Data Syndication


The leading provider of product content solutions and the only product content network provider and GDSN Data Pool to achieve ISO Certification 27001, 1WorldSync works with companies across all industries to ensure authentic, trusted content is shared with customers and consumers around the world.

02. Content & Data Syndication


Create, enrich, and disseminate product content anywhere with Syndigo’s product information management and syndication solutions, including One Engagement Hub, their cutting-edge SaaS-based platform.

03. Content & Data Syndication


There’s a reason why Home Depot and Walmart work with Tagglo for product content syndication. Tagglo has been the gold-standard for years and their content syndication tools will get your product data to your retailers the right way the first time.

04. Content & Data Syndication


From GDSN connectors to synchronize your supply chain and logistics data with your partners to a full-on integrated PIM solution, Salsify has the right tool for the task at hand.

05. Content & Data Syndication


Improve your data, increase your visibility and boost your performance by leveraging Productsup to manage and optimize your product data feeds. Built with the business user in mind, Productsup data distribution solutions can reduce your time to market and bring consistency to your data.

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