PIM Implementation

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PIM Implementation

Implementing a PIM is a challenging exercise. Having a deep understanding of each PIM tool is paramount to ensuring your PIM implementation goes smoothly. However, understanding your chosen tool is not enough to ensure a smooth project. From workflow integration and product data modelling to integration strategy and product taxonomy, the skill sets required to implement a PIM correctly are numerous and highly specialized.

Cookie cutter PIM implementations are bad for business. They do not consider the unique needs of your business. Instead they force your data to meet a pre-canned model that may or may not solve your business problems. Aware does not use cookie cutter implementations, and customizes each PIM project to meet the needs of the business instead of making the business fit the standard template the implementer utilizes.

Aware’s approach to PIM implementation takes the required capabilities and adds in-depth knowledge of each PIM tool, an ecosystem-wide view of product data, and a desire to ensure healthy PIM implementations in an organized manner that allows for long term stability and return on investment. This involves understanding all aspects of your product data infrastructure, a detailed examination of the current opportunities within your product data systems, and an implementation plan that properly executes on your product data vision.

Let Aware partner with your teams to create a cohesive end-to-end project plan that engages your teams, improves your overall business platform, decreases your Time-to-Market, lowers your product data collection costs, and works to implement a PIM customized to your business.


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