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The Hidden Power Behind Sitecore User Personas

Brookley Wofford
Brookley Wofford

Google has likely been a leading advocate for driving your key online marketing initiatives in years past, however with several recent curveballs thrown most are reexamining their reliance on Google.

As a marketer in Sitecore your goal is to deliver exceptional, results-driven online interactions with your brand that yield high conversion rates. The sprinkling of organic keywords within Sitecore’s Digital Marketing System (DMS) is likely your go-to move for cultivating the desired web experience for your visitors. For example, if a visitor’s request originated from search terms such as ‘snow goggles’ and ‘bindings,’ then your site would begin to promote all snowboarding gear to that prospective customer. Sounds simple enough!

However, Google’s latest announcement to further their “not provided” initiative has put an even heavier weight on the shoulders of marketers. Previously this new privacy effort only covered those visitors who were actively logged into their Google accounts, and recently this was extended to cover all Google search engine users. This means your site will have a difficult time extracting data from unique site visitors. Fortunately for those who have already implemented Sitecore DMS, creating Sitecore user personas may just be the secret to bypassing your heavy reliance on Google.

Sitecore’s DMS includes several advanced marketing features that facilitate the tracking of site performance on a more microscopic level. Personas are used to track the habits of your site’s distinct user types. Within DMS, you can develop user personas to segment visitors into groups based on shared attributes. Once personas are assigned to pages, users whose behavior patterns match that profile will be assigned to a group with other similar users.

Visitors to your site will give you influential data points through varying factors including the number of times they visit, content they view, their specific location and even what type of device they are accessing your site from. After you have collected the relevant data, you can begin establishing user personas based on site activity and Sitecore pattern cards. DMS allows you to automate the delivery of customized content utilizing Sitecore Rules Editor, which will ensure that visitors who meet set user personas will receive relevant and engaging content from your site.

Although replacing your Google initiatives with Sitecore user personas may not generate your normal list of unique search engine terms, this approach will give you exceptional insight into the true needs of those who are visiting your site. This marketing strategy will give you the power to be a proactive marketer and act quickly based on consumer trends and motivators.

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