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Techweek Chicago 2014

Brookley Wofford
Brookley Wofford

Owning your customer experience with Sitecore CMS will be the topic of discussion for Aware and Uponor at this year’s Techweek.

Techweek is a 7 day conference and expo dedicated to showcasing how innovative thought leaders are shaping a dynamic ecosystem within the tech space. The event features a wealth of tech-related events that aim to spark new ideas and fuel the collaboration of likeminded professionals. 

Don Costello, Web Product Manager at Uponor, and Trevor Olson, President & CEO of Aware, will share how Sitecore CMS has given Uponor the ability to own their customer experience and continue to be a worldwide leader in their industry. From managing multiple country websites to delivering presentation materials to a diverse sales force on the go, Sitecore CMS has helped Uponor significantly change the way they do business. Their Techweek presentation will highlight 5 ways Sitecore has helped Uponor become an interactive industry leader and include topics such as:

• Giving the power of content and site management to marketing 
• Managing multiple country websites with various translation challenges 
• Integrating CRM and other third party vendor websites
• Streamlining annual print catalog production via Adaptive Print Studio
• Allowing teams access to presentation materials regardless of Internet connectivity

Techweek Chicago 2014

If you’re in the area we invite you to visit us at the Sitecore booth!
Date: June 26, 2014 
Time: 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM CST
Location: Technical Stage
222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza
Chicago, IL 60654


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