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Carrie Mahoney
Carrie Mahoney

Over the years, we kept getting asked by clients for additional Sitecore training resources to supplement training for their growing and changing website teams.

Almost one year ago was born (built on the Sitecore platform of course) out of a vision to create an online resource for users to learn more about Sitecore CMS through short, informative videos on everything from basic content editing to more advanced marketing features.

There won’t be cake or party hats but we are celebrating the great response and success of the site over the last year. Not only our clients but the Sitecore community has been very supportive. We are excited for to continue to grow as we respond to the needs of the users with content that is applicable and useful. We are currently getting ready to launch a new video series on how to use Sitecore’s Email Campaign Manager (ECM) so stay tuned.

Sitecore Tutorials. Videos. Knowledge. 

The Training Catalog offers Sitecore training videos for beginner authors through advanced developers. offers both FREE Membership accounts or ALL-ACCESS Paid Subscriptions.

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