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Sitecore University on the Aware Campus

Brookley Wofford
Brookley Wofford

For some companies, induction training is meant to throw endless amounts of information to the newbies in just a few days because this may be the only period in which training takes place for a while.

At Aware we believe in passing company knowledge down through an orientation process, on-going mentorships and employee continuing education programs. This way information can be served up at a pace both new and veteran employees within any department can easily digest. Sitecore University is one slither of the Aware induction and continuing education pie. For developers at Aware, passing the Sitecore certification exam is just the beginning. Once the official Sitecore training is complete, we continue the education process through Sitecore University – Aware’s Sitecore Master’s program. However whether you are a new developer just returning from Sitecore certification training, you work within the marketing team, head up the HR department, or you run the show at Aware, everyone has the opportunity to complete Sitecore U training.

Aware’s Vice President of Technology, Jason Hedlund, delivers Sitecore U training within our Minneapolis office. During a training session it’s not unlikely to see a mix of employees from marketing, creative and sales sitting alongside our President and CEO, Trevor Olson, to learn exactly how Aware puts Sitecore to use for its clients in new and interesting ways. This allows even the newest team members to interact with and learn from existing staff from various departments. The training gives everyone a collective overview of not only what Sitecore is capable of and the unique process for implementation and customization that Aware has in place, but it is also demonstrates why Aware is dedicated to this particular space.

While oftentimes non-technical employees (who may or may not be writing this blog post) leave training feeling as though they should receive a new title of “Honorary Sitecore Developer,” having on-site continuing education programs like this allows Aware to ensure we are – and will always remain – a collective team of engaged Sitecore practitioners.

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