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How Much Do You Value Conversions? Creating a Scoring Strategy That Works Using Sitecore DMS

Rob McChane
Rob McChane

For many websites, user engagement is measured through a fairly basic methodology; users who convert are considered engaged and users who don’t convert aren’t engaged.

This isn’t because there are only two levels of user engagement, but because the incremental levels of engagement prior to a conversion are difficult to measure. With Sitecore’s Digital Marketing System (or DMS) engagement of individual users can be measured based on the actions they take and content they interact with on your site. However, engagement scoring can be complex and requires a thoughtful, strategic approach prior to implementation. In today’s post, we’ll walk through how to develop a scoring strategy that accurately values a user’s engagement level and how to create and assign engagement scores to your site’s content.

Strategic Planning

A strategic approach will identify the content that indicates the highest level of engagement and then works backwards to develop a relative scale down to the lowest level of engagement. For example, a contact me request might be the most valuable content on your site, so you may assign it 100 points. A webinar registration requires only a name and email and is about half as valuable as a contact me request so it’s scored at 50 points. Watching a video has no information requirement and significantly less valuable than the most valuable content and is scored at 15 points. In this fashion, we work down to the least valuable piece of content. For many sites, the lowest scored content is a “key” page on the website. While we don’t recommend applying scoring to every page on your site, it is often helpful to score a few content pages that indicate an increased level of engagement, such as visiting the contact us page or a request a quote page. Once you have the content ranked by score, it may be helpful to apply it to a hierarchy format to provide a visual ranking of content types. Additionally, it can be helpful to prepare a list of all content pages that are scored at each level.S ome scoring levels, may only be associated with a single page but other scoring levels may apply to multiple pages. For more information on planning your engagement scoring strategy, watch our Engagement Scoring Strategy video on

Sitecore Engagement Scoring

How it works

The concept behind engagement scoring is to gain more insight into how users interact with the most valuable content on your website, and by association, which users are creating the most value for your organization. This is accomplished by assigning the engagement score to a specific piece of content. When a user accesses this piece of content, they will receive the engagement score assigned to that content. In this way, as users navigate the site, those who have a higher level of engagement will accumulate a higher engagement score. After engagement scoring is implemented, you will be able to track the patterns and characteristics that highly engaged users share to better understand what’s creating their heightened level of engagement. This information can create valuable insights into how to optimize your site to increase engagement among the rest of the user base, ultimately leading to increased conversion rates. To get more information on setting up engagement scoring within Sitecore, view our Engagement Scoring Implementation video on 

Sitecore Engagement Scoring

What’s the Value?

A strategic approach to engagement scoring can help your organization develop a true understanding for user engagement at all levels, not just after a conversion has taken place. This information not only helps you understand how engaged each user is with your content, but provides deep insight into the behaviors of your site’s most valuable users. Additionally, when combined with other advanced features of DMS, you can begin to understand the engagement level of different user personas and what user groups generate the highest conversion rates and create the most value for the organization. By taking the time to thoroughly understand your content and its various levels of engagement, you can create a logical, easy to implement plan for engagement scoring on your Sitecore site.
If you’re considering implementing engagement scoring as part of your DMS toolset, it is critical that you approach the project strategically. At Aware, we often recommend conducting a discovery workshop with stakeholders to gain a better understanding of their needs prior to implementing any features of DMS. With this information you can create a prioritized plan for implementation that will best meet the needs of your organization and have the most positive impact. Contact us for more information on planning your DMS implementation.

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