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Aware Launches a New on SXA

Jen Rasmussen
Jen Rasmussen

We are excited to announce the launch of a new website for Greenstone Financial Services, a Sitecore implementation in Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) - built on Sitecore 8.2.6 with SXA version 1.6.

SXA is a marketer’s dream, and a powerful tool for Sitecore that features a rich set of pre-built components that can be strategically customized with layout variations by a skilled front-end-developer, making new page layouts easier and faster to build, without the need to for a back-end developer.

In addition to utilizing these out-of-the-box SXA components in our solution for Greenstone, the new site also features custom-built components such as a “Featured and Related Resources,” an API-driven “Rates Display” and “Loan Calculator,” and a “Search Box with Clear” component, as highlighted below:

Featured and Related Resources

This custom component shows related items on a page based on matching tags, and includes an override function so that authors can select a specific item to take priority over a dynamically generated item, also based on tagging.

Loan Calculator

A dynamic solution for users to calculator their expended monthly load payments, implemented as a custom SXA component.

See It in Action

Rates Display

See It in Action

Search Box with Clear

The out-of-the-box SXA Search component does not provide the ability to reset the search results without clearing out the search term. We modified the default Search Box to include a clear button that resets the results.

See It in Action

Other Notable Elements

Resource Library

The site features a robust Resource Library which was implemented using a combination of out-of-the-box SXA Search Results components and project specific templates, with visually-pleasing results.


The site features a mega-navigation that allows the client to structure the navigation into sections and include additional non-navigational content, such as a Call-to-Action.

This was accomplished by creating project-specific Navigation templates: Navigation Section, Navigation Redirect (inherits from Redirect/Redirect Map), and Navigation Decoration. With these templates, we could then structure a custom navigation as shown below:


Templates Structure in Home Node
 Navigation Templates  


As you can see, SXA for Sitecore has given us the ability to create a dynamic, componentized solution for, that is easy to manage and ready for personalization. Contact Aware today to see if SXA is the right solution for you.

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