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Aware Laces up Their Bowling Shoes to Kick Off 2015

Brookley Wofford
Brookley Wofford

With the expansion of our headquarters, the launch of Accelcor Suite, our third consecutive year presenting at Symposium, and the addition of 4 Sitecore MVP designations, 2014 was full of excitement!

To kick off the beginning of 2015, Awarians and their guests were treated to an evening of bocce ball, bowling, dinner, cocktails and a few extra surprises at Pinstripes of Edina. As dinner was being served, Aware’s President and CEO, Trevor Olson, and Chairman and CEO, Jeremy Ziegler, announced a few surprise awards. These awards earned several Awarians some pretty sweet taglines and custom bowling apparel. Kudos to these Awarians:

2014 The Closer
Who’s last to leave every Aware event?
Mike Vincent

2014 Storm-chaser
At the center of the storm, who keeps everything weatherproof and protects others from client lightning strikes, internal gusts and deadly deadline hurricanes?
Tie: Kelly Calendine and Jamie Holzer

2014 Mayor of Aware Town
Who spends the most time at the office, furnishes our kitchen with retro coffee mugs and draws on the walls like a boss?
Dan Miller

2014 Road Warrior
Who logs the most mileage while proudly wearing an Aware lapel pin and displaying a
“It’s MY Web” bumper sticker?

Tie: James Ward and Steve Tellijohn

2014 Best Dressed
They still sell 3 piece suits?
Joel Konecny

Here are a few additional photo opps from our eventful evening:

Awarians arrived ready to kick off 2015 with a little bocce ball and bowling!

Awarians begin to claim their bowling space (and comfy couches) for the evening. 

Our VP of Technology hopped on the lanes to get the party started at Pinstripes.

While we love a good game of bowling, bocce ball remains our competitive sweet spot.

During dinner Trevor Olson, President and CEO, and Jeremy Ziegler, Chairman and CEO, congratulated the team on yet another successful year.

They also surprised a few select Awarians with newly designated awards – in the form of custom bowling shirts of course!

Our Creative Director, who obviously fuels his creative juices within the Aware office, was awarded the honor of ‘Mayor of AwareTown.’

You will not find two project managers anywhere who ensure projects come together as flawlessly as these ladies, which is why they were both awarded the title of ‘Storm Chaser.’

Who wouldn’t have a huge smile on their face when dessert time rolls around?!

The winner of our ‘Best Dressed’ award was unable to attend the event, however we wanted to show off his proud acceptance moment as well!

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