Attending B2B Online and interested in PIM? Read this.

Trevor Olson
Trevor Olson

Attending B2B Online and interested in PIM (Product Information Management)? Read this.

Three things:

  1. We’re attending B2B Online and are a sponsor. Click here to learn more. Kiosk 11 in the foyer. Let’s connect… especially if you’re interested in learning more about Product Information Management (PIM). We have a division dedicated to Product Data Services. If you’d like to schedule a meeting, click here. We’d love the opportunity to meet you in person!

  2. Whether you’re just evaluating PIM solutions or have already implemented a PIM we can help. Check out our PIM related services and let’s talk. We also have a couple resources that can help. Here they are:

    The PIM ROI Story (ebook)
    To help the ecommerce community better understand the complexities of PIM’s ROI, Aware’s own Dan O’Connor wrote “The PIM ROI Story.” This 14 page ebook was created to help you not only decide if your business needs a PIM, but also how to define your PIM ROI story in order to avoid getting caught up in the haziness of demonstrating ROI of a PIM project. Download The PIM ROI Story ebook today.

    Do You Need a Product Information Management (PIM) solution?
    Does your business need a PIM? Written with the help of several clients who recently evaluated the ROI of PIM, this whitepaper includes a checklist of critical questions to ask as you determine if a PIM solution will benefit your business. Read more about what you'll learn and download the document now.

    All Roads Lead to… PIM
    If you find yourself facing data governance, management or quality challenges, it’s time to consider a Product Information Management (PIM) solution. Here's one company's story.

    Understanding Product Information Management (PIM) for My Business
    Just getting started with PIM? Where do you begin? How do you ensure this is a success? Download this white paper to learn how to plan and prepare for a successful PIM implementation.

  3. WIN something. Okay, insert shameless plug here to get you to hang out with us. Everyone can use a pair of FREE Air Pods. They make life so much easier. Come to our booth and let’s get your name entered for our daily Air Pod giveaway. Seriously, no one takes this seriously and like 5 people put their names in. You have a great chance of winning and we’d do some great high-fiving and maybe do a photo opp… or not.

Hope to see you soon in Chicago at B2B Online!

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