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Annual Holiday Happy Hour

Brookley Wofford
Brookley Wofford

Unlike most Aware happy hours, adorning yourself with ironically humorous attire was highly encouraged at this year’s Annual Holiday Happy Hour and even earned 4 Awarians some pretty sweet prizes.

After the year-end company meeting, Awarians gathered at Toby Keith’s country bar to celebrate a successful 2013 and give all the Clark Griswold wannabes a chance to show off their holiday threads. Awarians enjoyed brews from mason jars, appetizers and selecting winners for the Annual Ugly Sweater Contest. This year we also had the honor of being joined by Sultan Ghahtani, Director of Central and West Sales at Sitecore. As the evening wound down, the Ugly Sweater Contest winners were announced and the coveted prizes were revealed for Best Ugly Holiday Sweater / Tiny Holiday Hat Combo, Most Understated Ugly Holiday Sweater, Most Inclusive Ugly Holiday Sweater and Best Ugly Holiday Sweater Reveal.

Here’s a snapshot of our fashionable holiday celebration:

Sultan Ghahtani of Sitecore joined the Aware team for our annual sweater soiree! Here he is pictured with Jeremy Ziegler, Chairman and CEO of Aware, and Trevor Olson, President and CEO of Aware.

Nate, Tina and Todd love a good excuse to rock their favorite holiday threads!

Katie and Brookley enjoying their time mingling with the Aware team and sporting festive holiday attire.

Nate and Dan show off their holiday spirit in style. Dan’s sweater is rather understated for sure!

James, Andrea, Tara and Jamie enjoyed a few mason jar brews and good laughs.

Amy, Mike and Nathan catching up over a few drinks.

Without further ado.. the Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest winners (pictured from left to right) were:

Tina Nelson – Best Ugly Holiday Sweater / Tiny Holiday Hat Combo
Dan Miller – Most Understated Ugly Holiday Sweater
Brookley Wofford – Most Inclusive Ugly Holiday Sweater
Nate Walsh – Best Ugly Holiday Sweater Reveal

Prizes included motion-activated snowmen bathroom decor, a Rice Krispy treat half the size of the recipient, holiday glassware and a dancing elf hat the entire Aware team enjoyed.

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