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Announcing Aware’s partnership with Thunderhead

Kris Kieper
Kris Kieper

We are excited to announce our latest technology partnership with Thunderhead, the leading provider of customer engagement solutions.

Get a Handle on the Customer Journey

Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub is an omnichannel, cloud-based platform that uses lightweight, non-invasive methods to connect existing enterprise systems without needing a long, drawn-out implementation. Organizations using ONE can be equipped to listen to and learn from the entire life cycle of a customer’s interactions with them – better known today as the “customer journey”. Powerful visualization features in ONE enable immediate decisions and the ability to have more relevant and meaningful conversations in real time across all customer touchpoints. 

Enable a True Omnichannel Experience

ONE truly addresses the cross-channel communication gap left by many customer engagement tools that focus solely on digital engagement. ONE goes beyond digital and joins up web, mobile, social, campaigns, in-person, and contact center customer experiences enabling a truly omnichannel understanding of customer journeys and supporting actionable conversations in real time.

Learn More About Thunderhead ONE and Aware

Learn more about Aware's technology partnerships and contact Aware if you are interested in learning more about how to improve your customer engagement using ONE.


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