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A Match Made in Heaven - Sitecore

Carrie Mahoney
Carrie Mahoney

Marketers, your wish has come true. Sitecore and Adobe InDesign are now integrated – can you say match made in heaven? Thanks to this dynamic duo, online and offline channels are finally coming together.

Gone are the days when you had to live with outdated content stuck in print collateral that didn’t match your website. Instead picture this: quickly laying out brochures, sell sheets and catalogs using a branded template and content like descriptions, imagery and pricing stored in Sitecore. The final output can be a PDF for website users with trackable interactive links or an optimized print ready file to send off to your printer. What’s even better is you don’t even need to know how to use InDesign.

This is all made possible through Sitecore’s Adaptive Print Studio (APS) which installs as a plug-in offering connectors to Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy that pull content into the design program right from Sitecore making the CMS a centralized hub for all Adobe InDesign content. Adaptive Print Studio can output anything supported by InDesign, so the possibilities are endless.

If this sounds like something you want to explore further come to Sitecore Symposium October 22-24 at ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Our very own Joel Konecny, Aware Solution Architect, has been chosen to present along with our client Don Costello from Uponor about the Adaptive Print Studio solution we built.

Uponor - Using Adaptive Print Studio to Bring Together Print and Web. How it Changed Uponor’s Business. Wednesday, October 24th from 9:45 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. Business Track A, Session 6

3 Reasons Why Every Marketer Needs Adaptive Print Studio

  1. Dynamic Print Creation:
    Offering the same print brochures to every customer and prospect is so 2009. Today it's all about engaging with users by offering personalized content based on their behavior. Just like content personalization in DMS, with Adaptive Print Studio you can offer users real-time customized print materials based on things like what a user just viewed, purchase history or new products available in their geographic location. For example, if someone was on your website looking at a particular product and then requested your print catalog, you can provide the catalog for download with that product featured plus related products, pricing specific to their country or location and the contact information of their local sales representative. Even create the brochure in a different language if needed. In addition, your sales team can use Adaptive Print Studio to create a one-off custom PDF catalog that’s designed to only display the products or services that meet the needs of an individual customer. Then e-mail or print the tailored catalog to use as a targeted selling tool.

  3. Save Time:
    The regular offline creation of a print piece and the associated review process can be a nightmare to manage. Put down the red pens and let Sitecore do the work. Not only does Adaptive Print Studio facilitate the design and creation of print assets by non-designers using content that’s already stored in Sitecore, it also utilizes the built-in workflow you’ve come to know and love for version control and managing your organization’s unique review process. Using Adaptive Print Studio to build new assets using a pre-defined template layout created by a designer ensures a consistent look and feel. It allows marketing to focus on the content and quickly generate new assets without needing a designer’s assistance for little nitpicky changes. When it’s time to create or revamp a new layout, designers have direct access to content stored in Sitecore and using Adaptive Print Studio can pull in the pieces they need into InDesign.

  5. Central Repository:
    Like many organizations, marketing content and information is stored in multiple locations and in multiple formats and is owned by many departments. Product descriptions may be in a Word document, price sheets are in Excel on a product manager’s desktop and design files are stored on the designer’s MAC. The problem with this method is consistency across all these sources and your website becomes a challenge and no one knows where the master version lives. With Adaptive Print Studio, Sitecore CMS serves at the central hub for all digital and print content, as well as print template layouts created in Adobe InDesign. Finally there’s a way to have one master version plus the ability for individual content owners to have access to maintain the accuracy of their content which then flows into the website and printed documents. Now your website and print materials can live in harmony. Any type of file can be stored in the system and using Sitecore security permissions ensures the right type of access for each person.

Using Adaptive Print Studio is a great way to leverage your Sitecore CMS investment and seamlessly integrate print media with your website. Using Sitecore CMS as the hub of the most up-to-date information means more efficiency between marketing and other areas of your organization. Not only will it speed up the process of actually creating print collateral but as updates are made to the source content your website also benefits.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about the Adaptive Print Studio solution we built for Uponor or to talk to one of Aware’s Sitecore experts about your project. Contact us or 800-783-8919. 

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