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7 Ways Sitecore Can Take Your Marketing Efforts to the Next Level

Brookley Wofford
Brookley Wofford

You rely heavily on your site to showcase your company’s ability to soar above the competition – with Sitecore in your toolbox you’re a step ahead.

Being a significantly versatile platform, it’s likely that your website stands as your marketing hub. It feeds you prospects, serves as a space to demonstrate thought leadership within your industry and provides a launching pad for new products. Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) strengthens these core marketing initiatives and puts powerful tools in the hands of your entire marketing team. Sitecore CEP includes both Web Content Management (WCM) and Digital Marketing System (DMS). These tools provide marketers with the ability to quickly springboard new campaigns, define innovative avenues for customer engagement and deliver content that enhances your audiences’ online experience. Take a look at these 7 ways implementing Sitecore CEP can take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Strengthen content marketing

As we discussed in 5 Content Marketing Strategies That Enhance Customer Experience, your content marketing strategy should center on consistent, valuable content that allows your customers to engage with your brand on a regular basis. Sitecore gives you the ability to dive deep into this strategy by allowing your marketing team to easily maintain relevant content regardless of your technical skills. With the Microsoft ribbon-style content author interface, content can be created, edited, reviewed and published live on your site with a few simple clicks and a bit of typing.

Provide measurable, actionable results

Sitecore AIDA technology paired with Swift Reporting allows you to gain deeper insight into your visitor experience and how they are interacting on your site. Data can be collected with Sitecore Engagement Analytics and analyzed with Swift Reporting by building custom reports tailored to your marketing efforts and business goals. With these tools at your fingertips you will be able to increase conversion rates, generate more qualified leads and own your customer experience.

Heighten customer engagement and interactive experiences

Highlighting thought leadership throughout your industry and generating an ongoing conversation with customers can increase site traffic from your target audience. An array of dynamic web 2.0 tools are available when utilizing Sitecore including blogs, social media, RSS feed, polls and forums. Enhancing customer engagement through generating interactive experiences will greatly increase brand loyalty.

Deliver personalized content based on user behavior

Content personalization through Sitecore gives your marketing team the ability to own your customer experience in a very tailored method. As noted within our post 5 Brands Who Are Owning Their Customer Experience, Yahoo is an excellent example of a company who has taken personalization to that next level. In Sitecore, content profiling can be based on user behavior, information consumed within your site or declarative personalization as found on the Aware Web site.

Integrate and enhance current tools

Sitecore seamlessly integrates with third party tools such as SharePoint, various ERP and CRM systems, Clay Tablet, Google Analytics and many more modules that you may have already became accustomed to. Streamlining your tools by integrating with Sitecore gives you the power to further your marketing efforts while maintaining a consistent flow with systems you currently have in place or those you would like to begin utilizing.

Responsive design

User traffic for mobile sites has increased significantly over the years, and therefore creating and maintaining a site design that translates well across all platforms has become increasingly more important. With Sitecore flexible design is at your fingertips. Whether your customers find you on their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, your brand has the freedom to own each interactive space while still delivering an on-brand experience.

Boost search engine optimization (SEO)

Ensuring that your brand stands out against the crowd when prospective customers search for relevant products and services online is likely on the top of your to-do list. Sitecore works to increase organic traffic to your website by ensuring your site ranks high within Google search results. Sitecore also ensures a better user experience for site visitors when performing searches once they land on your site.

Implementing Sitecore is an excellent way to take hold of your customer experience and begin creating and maintaining an interactive space that resonates with your target audience.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Sitecore can help elevate your marketing efforts, contact us today.

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