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5 Brands Who Are Owning Their Customer Experience

Brookley Wofford
Brookley Wofford

If content marketing is the key to owning the customer experience, what exactly does this “enhanced experience” look like?

Recently we posted an article on 5 Content Marketing Strategies That Enhance Customer Experience – discussing the power behind delivering valuable content to consumers within their desired channels. This week we will take a look at 5 brands who are fearlessly executing those strategies through creative content marketing.

Red Bull: Showcasing a compelling story 

As any true pioneer should, Red Bull narrates their expansive story in a very innovative way. They have transformed their website into the ultimate curator for the subculture that has driven brand loyalty for over 3 decades. A very purposeful content strategy lives behind this success: generating market-specific content and breaking it into digestible components per target audience – then distributing that content in multiple formats via a well-planned UX design. From 3-D movies, high-intensity music videos, whimsical still images, candid interviews with professional athletes, blurbs and novel-style content, the Red Bull site not only tells a compelling story but it immerses visitors into an entire lifestyle that allows them to virtually live the extreme sports fairytale they have created.

Macy’s: Cohesive brand interaction

Technology has reshaped the way consumers engage with brands, and Macy’s has made themselves a prime example of the success omni-channel marketing can bring with their mantra to deliver a seamless consumer experience through all channels simultaneously. Macy’s provides consumers with an uninterrupted on-brand experience in store, online, through social media and beyond. Not only does this engagement method appeal to customers, but in-house marketing efforts as well. With omni-channel marketing, data mining techniques can more effectively track purchasing patterns and other consumer trends in order to help businesses further enhance the customer experience.

Yahoo: Adding a personal touch

Your first stop on the Yahoo page may not prove to showcase much more than the typical site, however even as a casual visitor the site will begin to provide you with more relevant content each time you return. Similar to websites like Netflix, the Yahoo site learns from your behavior and takes notes on stories and articles you click and even more notes on the stories you read. If a visitor wants to quickly take control of their site experience, Yahoo offers a declarative personalization feature with the option to either import your interest directly from Facebook or choose per category. With the infinite scrolling capabilities, Yahoo is able to deliver visitors a plethora of valuable content in one sitting. But the personal touches don’t stop there, apps can be installed within the site to alert you of friends’ birthdays, stock market trends and more.

Starbucks: Responsive design responds to consumers

As one of the first retailers to undertake responsive design, Starbucks does a great job of showcasing how your brand story and corporate framework can fit into this realm. After noticing a significant jump in traffic from mobile devices and tablets, Starbucks realized a need to improve the customer experience across these platforms. Whether end users are reloading their reward cards, locating the nearest drive thru or restocking on Tazo tea, the Starbucks experience has the same browsing quality regardless of the operating system on your device. The site demonstrates not only how well Starbucks knows their customers but also how listening to and adapting to consumer feedback can propel your content marketing strategy.

Coca Cola: Valuable content builds brand authenticity 

The launch of the Journey website was just the beginning of Coca Cola’s path to building brand authenticity through content marketing. Relatable and relevant content pours from Coca Cola in the form of tweets, videos, stories, recipes and music. The brand serves up rich content to end users and reads much like a magazine by featuring engaging articles on topics like business, community and health. Newly added is ‘The Opener,’ which is a blogging network of industry newcomers and Coca Cola followers who are actively sharing new ideas centered on their love of the brand. Their content marketing strategy focuses on connecting to people on a cultural level - a key component to creating a brand journey that resonates with customers around the globe. The consistent delivery of valuable content keeps the customer experience fresh and users coming back for more.

What brands do you feel are hitting the mark when it comes to content marketing and optimizing the customer experience online?

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