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5 Content Marketing Strategies That Enhance Customer Experience

Brookley Wofford
Brookley Wofford

The evolution of content delivery has not only changed the way consumers interact with brands, but also how and when they decide to consume.

Today’s customer isn’t looking to simply purchase what you decide to advertise as the “next best thing,” instead they are looking to invest in a brand which has provided them with something more valuable – something they can believe in. This is where the overall customer experience comes into play and content marketing takes center stage – a concept that brands like Apple and Red Bull have understood for decades.

The idea behind content marketing is to deliver an authentic story backed by consistent, valuable content that allows your brand to attract, engage with and retain customers. By keeping these five simple tips top-of-mind in your content marketing strategy, you will be sure to deliver a customer experience that prospects and returning customers alike will be happy to engage with:

First comes the story, then comes the narrative

The story behind your brand should be the brainchild of your content marketing strategy. Once you have defined your story, the channels, platforms and timing of how and when you narrate your story should ultimately be determined by how you desire your customers to experience your brand.

Ditch the multi-channel approach for something more thoughtful

Rather than be strung along multiple channels as if in play/pause mode, today’s customer responds better to a more seamless method of brand interaction. The omni-channel approach focuses on delivering a more simultaneous way for customers to engage with brands by adapting native source content to the web, social media, mobile, smartphones and print. Consistent, quality messaging across all channels allows you to move your customers effortlessly through your entire brand experience.

Personalized messaging makes everyone feel special

Website personalization tools are all the rage, which means on top of data-driven marketing you now need to focus your attention on data-driven content as well. Personalization gives you the ability to segment visitors and tailor the messaging behind your content marketing strategy. With content management systems like Sitecore, you can have the benefits of increased customer engagement and heightened conversion rates all in one solution.

Creating a responsive user experience should be on your short list

Equally important to building a responsive design solution in order to allow your customer’s to interact with your brand across multiple channels is the need to ensure site functionality does not hinder your content marketing strategy. An interface designed to give your customers’ a taste of your brand online with effortless content discovery will provide the type of online experience that will keep prospects and customers coming back.

Quality over quantity builds brand authenticity

With new social media channels and content outlets popping up daily, it can be hard to digest which modes of content delivery you should focus on. Regardless of how many – or how few – channels you choose, be sure the content you deliver is relevant to your target audience and demonstrates consistent brand messaging at all times.

Recent trends continue to show content marketing as the cornerstone of customer experience, and the basis behind content marketing has proven itself to not only drive consumers to purchase your products and/or services but to remain loyal to your brand as a whole. As customers become more and more transparent about their wants and needs through online conversations, ensuring you maintain an unforgettable customer experience is something you cannot miss the mark on.

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