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Implementing Experience Marketing to Meet Current and Future Business Goals

A fail-proof checklist when implementing xMarketing.

Sitecore’s Experience Marketing (xMarketing), formerly Digital Marketing System (DMS), is a feature rich marketing tool that empowers brands to deliver relevant, measurable brand experiences that drive actionable results in real-time. However when implementing such a powerful tool, overlooking critical pre - and post-implementation planning can be fatal to the success of your project. This xMarketing white paper will allow you to uncover tactics to ensure your implementation aligns with both current and future business goals. Use these time- and money-saving tips to navigate through a basic overview of xMarketing while also diving into crucial implementation points that often fall between the cracks. Discover how to insure key elements such as reporting processes, content personalization, data driven components and ongoing xMarketing experts are aligned in order to safeguard the sustainability of your investment.

What You'll Learn
  • xMarketing Overview
  • What to Consider When Implementing xMarketing
  • How to Determine Critical Architectural Factors
  • The Importance of Ongoing xMarketing Support
  • xMarketing Implementation Checklist

Download White Paper

Download this white paper for your fail-proof checklist highlighting critical components to consider when implementing xMarketing.

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