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When do companies realize they need a Product Information Management (PIM) solution?

Answer: Usually right around the time when the management of product launches and product data updates become unmanageable -- giving the entire organization a big headache.

We’ve seen Marketing, Sales and Data Management teams face the following challenges.

  • Managing chaotic product data updates using spreadsheets resulting in errors
  • Losing track of product updates, compromising data quality and version control
  • Reduced profit as your team spends too much time wrestling with product data management
  • Inability to meet frequent product data updates or requests from suppliers or customers
  • Inability to stay abreast of current and ever-changing product data needs from both suppliers and customers
  • Receiving fines for missing product marketing data (product technical data, product images, etc.)

What you'll learn:

This whitepaper is full of things to consider as you begin your journey in choosing the right Product Information Management (PIM) system and get on the road towards data governance, improved data quality, and ultimately a better producte data experience for all. Included is a story of one company’s journey.

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Download this white paper to learn more about tackling your data management challenges with a PIM solution.

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