Web Globalization Best Practices White Paper

Kris Kieper
Kris Kieper

With today’s digital buzz heavily focused on providing highly personalized and relevant website experiences, global businesses need to consider web globalization in their customer engagement pursuits – it’s all about providing the optimal customer experience on a global scale.

Download our new white paper ‘Web Globalization Best Practices’.

If you’re a global business and you’ve not already joined your customer experience/engagement and web globalization initiatives, there’s no time like the present. A properly globalized website can greatly enhance the user experience and increase the return of investment put into a global site infrastructure, content development strategies and other marketing initiatives.

Long before the idea of website personalization became popular, there was website globalization. Globalization industry experts like John Yunker, author of Global By Design, have been advocating for web globalization since the early 2000s. Companies like 3M, Google, Ikea, and Cisco Systems have consistently made Global By Design’s annual Web Globalization Report Card showcasing the top 25 global websites. These companies know how important it is to provide culturally relevant website experiences that go well beyond translation, and they’ve been doing it well for years. 

Never assume a “one size fits all” approach with a global audience. A successfully globalized site aims to provide users with the content and functionality they need, translated in their own/preferred language when warranted and, just as important as translation, culturally and regionally localized to be relevant to their market. 

Web globalization can seem daunting. But it’s really quite achievable if you know the right pieces to focus on and have a game plan to get started. Then you can set your sights on the execution. 

This white paper lays out eight recommended best practices to help you begin to create a truly effective globalized website experience. Once these pieces are in place, you can begin to layer on more specific personalization features, like those offered by Sitecore’s Experience Marketing, to further drive tailored and relevant customer experiences within the context of their desired culture and language. 

Once you begin to address the needs of your global audience, the sky’s the limit. 

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