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New Ebook: The Quick-Start Guide to Sitecore DMS Success

Rob McChane
Rob McChane

Being a marketer in today’s online environment can be a challenge. There are a seemingly infinite number of tools designed to help track and manage marketing efforts.

DMS ebook

The Power of Sitecore DMS

Fortunately, for marketers whose websites are built on Sitecore, the Digital Marketing System (or DMS) can help make order from this chaos by turning Sitecore into a sophisticated marketing engine for your site. From robust web analytics to user-based personalization, DMS includes the functionality that marketers need to manage a comprehensive online marketing strategy. While DMS is a highly-sophisticated marketing tool, it can be a bit daunting to get it up and running. That’s why we created The Quick-Start Guide to DMS Success. This guide is designed to help marketing personnel get the mission-critical features of DMS set up quickly without having to be a developer or Sitecore super-user. We’ve structured this guide so that each implementation step can be done in bite-sized pieces that should take 30 minutes or less.

Key take-aways from The Quick-Start Guide to DMS Success

Goal Tracking & Conversion Measurement 

Learn how to plan your goal tracking strategy and then implement it within DMS and Sitecore Analytics, including:

  • Strategies for generating higher conversion rates with your site’s goals
  • How to develop a progressive conversion strategy
  • How to create goals and assign them to content in Sitecore

Campaign Tracking

Begin tracking your inbound marketing campaigns to gain a better understanding of their performance and conversion rates, including:

  • How to create campaigns within DMS
  • How to assign site visitors  to campaigns

User Profiles

Track the behavior of your website users based on their unique interests and activities to gain a deeper understanding of how they interact with your content, including:

  • Strategies for developing user profiles that create value for your organization
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to create user profiles in DMS

Content Personalization

Create a custom experience for your website users by providing them with content that is tailored to their unique interests and needs, including:

  • Tips for planning your content personalization plan
  • Instructions on setting up personalized content in DMS

Multivariate Testing

Test and optimize the performance of your content to increase relevancy for users and conversions for your organization, including:

  • How to create and manage multivariate tests and optimize your conetnt

Get the Free Guide

The guide is structured into two main sections, Strategy and Planning and Implementation. The Strategy and Planning section contains information and recommendations on how to prepare for your DMS implementation. After you’ve gotten the necessary information together, the Implementation section will provide a step-by-step walk through of how to set up the primary marketing features included in DMS with lots of visuals and some tips and hints along the way.

Download a free copy of The Quick-Start Guide to DMS Success and start using DMS to its full potential today!

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