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Maximizing the Impact of Integrated Marketing Teams with Sitecore

Brookley Wofford
Brookley Wofford

Sitecore allows integrated marketing teams of all shapes and sizes to easily execute and manage even the most dynamic marketing initiatives.

In today’s demanding digital world, marketers are constantly searching for tools that can provide them with a competitive advantage. Enter the integrated marketing team that has uncovered the power behind utilizing a collaborative, cross-functional team model to cut costs and deliver real results. These teams vary in structure ranging from those in the creative realm to more data-driven and tech-savvy individuals. Regardless of the size, depth or titles given to each team member, Sitecore streamlines internal marketing efforts in order to put your business in a league of its own. Sitecore is more than a content management system, it’s a team-centric production environment that drives the delivery of engaging content and compelling online experiences.

The workspace within Sitecore offers integrated marketing teams a collaborative environment with features to guide workflow efficiency and effectively optimize the management of web content. Sitecore’s ribbon interface closely resembles Microsoft Word, easing the curation and distribution of fresh content to your target audience. Even the least technical team member can create and publish various types of content in minutes, allowing internal marketing teams to quickly react to customer trends and enhance online interactions with your brand in real-time without relying upon outside sources or fretting over cost. User controls can be set and managed per individual team member's level of contribution within the platform and workflow notifications can be automated to deliver task reminders. 

In a previous post we discussed 7 Ways Sitecore Can Take Your Marketing Efforts to the Next Level. Below we will take a look at how Sitecore simplifies the day-to-day tasks of a few individuals you may find within an integrated marketing team:

UX Designers & Developers

While user experience designers and developers may not always be considered a direct part of the marketing team, their ability to deliver your brand’s core message through visual storytelling is a key component to successfully executing any marketing strategy. The framework of your website and the ability to easily change design elements based on marketing campaigns has a huge impact on overall conversion rates. Sitecore UX designers and developers hold the keys to bringing well branded online experiences to life for customers. Sitecore CMS provides practically unlimited freedoms when it comes to getting creative with template design, site layout and how the content structure fits into the overall design concept. Developers and designers alike can easily tackle projects directly within Sitecore’s web-based interface, and with full access to the management of individual page elements they can quickly respond to changing marketing initiatives.

Web Marketing Manager

Since these individuals are typically responsible for creating and implementing online marketing strategies to increase sales and revenue, they are heavily immersed in the development of marketing campaigns throughout the site. Sitecore’s Web Content Management System (WCM) simplifies their day-to-day tasks so new marketing initiatives including product launches or responding to consumer trends can be quickly managed and tagged to increase search engine optimization. They can easily rely on the click and type editing features while also combining more advanced and customized dashboard controls to their tool lineup. Sitecore’s WCM eases the management of not only content but also the context of content through forms-based editing and gives these marketers the ability to personalize site campaigns and optimize the flow, navigation and interlinking of content. New landing pages highlighting services or upcoming events can easily be created by these marketers as well. A customer’s entire online experience can be structured based on the latest online initiative with only the need for a bit of technical expertise. 

Content Marketer

Consumers want to invest in brands that add value to their daily lives. This is why creating and curating purposeful and engaging content has become increasingly important in the world of marketing. Whether a content marketer is creating and optimizing web content for products, authoring blog posts, uploading videos, cross-promoting services or integrating content through social media channels, Sitecore makes their workflow seamless. Content marketers may hold the position of master content author for your site or they may serve as a more casual contributor by only needing to occasionally adjust existing images, videos or text within a page. Since the CMS provides a simple click and type editing interface and navigating is just as simple as browsing any basic website, content marketers’ duties can be done very quickly within Sitecore. 

Social Media Engineer

This role within a marketing team focuses on community management, influencer outreach, reputation maintenance and making a big splash with large creative social media campaigns. They work to leverage a brand's pull within social spaces in order to connect in a more dynamic way with customers. Sitecore gives these social media experts the advantage of integrated functionality for blogs, web forms, surveys, wikis and various other customer engagement tools. Easily highlight Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn social sharing options on your page and enhance users’ social media sharing experience through automated social site user authentication. Sitecore allows marketing teams to actively engage with site visitors, target relevant influencers and measure the impact of social campaigns all in one place.

Marketing Analytics Manager

As the notion of Big Data continues to spread, a marketing team needs someone to steer data collection and gauge the tools necessary to connect the dots. Whether data is collected through site analytics, marketing automation, social media, content marketing, PPC, email campaigns or other channels, Sitecore can help streamline the overflow of data into a more digestible format. With Sitecore AIDA technology and Digital Marketing System (DMS) in place, these marketers will gain valuable customer insights and quickly uncover ways to increase conversion rates. As your team is able to track trends and connect data points, you can deliver more personalized visitor experiences through targeted content in real-time. With Swift Reporting, a marketing team can create customized reports based on data directly within the Sitecore UI and transform the wealth of complex analytical data into actionable marketing objectives.

Sitecore is a powerful tool that can maximize the efforts of any marketing team by enhancing collaboration methods and streamlining workflow efficiency. Whether your team consist of 2 members that handle a variety of the tasks which fall under the titles mentioned above or you have a marketing team of 50 with offices in various locations, Sitecore eases the management of delivering engaging content to your customers and allows you to increase your bottom line.

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