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Implementing Experience Marketing to Meet Current and Future Business Goals White Paper

Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson

Use this white paper as your fail proof guide when making decisions regarding implementing a successful digital marketing strategy using Sitecore’s xMarketing.

Download our new white paper ‘Implementing Experience Marketing to Meet Current and Future Business Goals’.

Sitecore’s Experience Marketing (xMarketing), formerly Sitecore Digital Marketing System (DMS), recently experienced a complete system overhaul. Meaning it’s now easier than ever to set up and run simple a/b tests and there are a plethora of additional reporting features to choose from.

This white paper includes a summary of the main components that xMarketing has to offer and provides you with a comparison of the benefits and relative complexity involved with implementing these features. It also addresses hardware and site architectural considerations you will want to be aware of before getting started. The white paper also includes a checklist that will allow you to make better informed decisions as to where to invest your marketing budget and have realistic expectations of what to expect from an ROI perspective. 

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