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Aware announces the release of a new and improved connector between inRiver PIM and Episerver CMS

Trevor Olson
Trevor Olson

Aware taps the power of best-in-breed technology platforms to enable marketing strategies and build technology for engaging digital experiences.  As a Platinum inRiver Partner AND Episerver Solution Partner we’re dedicated to improving how our clients leverage both platforms to enhance their business. 

We’re pleased to announce the release of the NEW and IMPROVED Aware Episerver + inRiver Connector PRO.

Publish product data from inRiver into Episerver with this simple and configurable connector.

Episerver + inRiver Connector Highlights

  • Built for both inRiver’s PIM version 6 and inRiver’s Product Marketing Cloud
  • Works natively within the Product Marketing Cloud control center and was built to be implemented in cloud configurations
  • Ability to exclude certain PIM entities from being pushed over to the Episerver API
  • Associate PIM entities to existing Episerver CMS/Commerce models
  • Limit resource API request lengths to the Episerver API. (This is good for handling large amounts of resource files like images, PDFs and so on)
  • Manage your own API end-points, access keys and channel ids when running multiple connectors at the same time
  • Maintains product relationships, hierarchies, items and categories from inRiver to Episerver
  • Publishes products into multiple Episerver websites and store views
  • Leverages Episerver best practices for content structure
  • Easily import custom product attributes into Episerver
  • Designed to move large amounts of product data from inRiver to Episerver
  • View products prior to being published to production within Episerver Staging environment
  • Schedule product data publishing times into Episerver
  • Highly configurable for specific customer needs

Ready to learn more?

Request the video or Contact us to request a custom demo OR to learn more about how this connector can be applied to your inRiver and Epi environments.

inRiver version supported: inRiver 6.x, iPMC

Episerver Version supported: 9, 10 and 11

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