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AWS Epi InRiver Connector Pro

We’re pleased to announce the release of the NEW and IMPROVED Aware Episerver+inRiver Connector PRO.

Watch this 13 minute demo video to learn about the enhanced functionality of the Aware Episerver+inRiver Connector PRO. You’ll also see how you can publish product data from inRiver into Episerver with this simple and configurable connector.

Viewing this video will cover these Connector Highlights
  • Built for both inRiver’s PIM version 6 and inRiver’s Product Marketing Cloud
  • Works natively within the Product Marketing Cloud control center and was built to be implemented in cloud configurations
  • Ability to exclude certain PIM entities from being pushed over to the Episerver API
  • Associate PIM entities to existing Episerver CMS/Commerce models
  • Limit resource API request lengths to the Episerver API. (This is good for handling large amounts of resource files like images, PDFs and so on)
  • Manage your own API end-points, access keys and channel ids when running multiple connectors at the same time
  • Maintains product relationships, hierarchies, items and categories from inRiver to Episerver
  • Publishes products into multiple Episerver websites and store views
  • Leverages Episerver best practices for content structure
  • Easily import custom product attributes into Episerver
  • Designed to move large amounts of product data from inRiver to Episerver
  • View products prior to being published to production within Episerver Staging environment
  • Schedule product data publishing times into Episerver
  • Highly configurable for specific customer needs

Ready to learn more? Contact us at info@awareweb.com to request a custom demo OR to learn more about how this connector can be applied to your inRiver and Epi environments.

inRiver version supported: inRiver 6.x, iPMC
Episerver Version supported: 9, 10 and 11

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