The PIM ROI Story

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As manufacturers are attempting to syndicate their product data to more retailers to gain market share, the necessity of a PIM tool is becoming more prominent while the value story for PIM is quite hazy. This 14 page ebook was created to help you not only decide if your business needs a PIM, but also how to define your PIM ROI story in order to avoid getting caught up in the haziness of demonstrating ROI of a PIM project.

Understanding the 4 PIM value statements in depth is crucial to defining and funding your PIM project.

What You'll Learn
Data Quality

Data quality is an obvious result of installing a PIM, but the full magnitude of the impact on data quality is not always well defined.

  • The standard 6 pillars of data quality
  • PIM's unique interaction with each of these elements
  • Your first step.. data consistency.
  • Regain your team’s focus from data collection and failed imports to channel and Web site marketing

One of the biggest benefits of selling online is getting a wider variety of customers to view your products. One of the biggest costs in selling online is getting your data onto the websites of the companies that get you that wider variety of customers to view your products.

  • The major issues with syndication and how to address them
  • PIM's simple solution to your syndication challenges
User Profiles

Track the behavior of your website users based on their unique interests and activities to gain a deeper understanding of how they interact with your content, including:

  • Strategies for developing user profiles that create value for your organization
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to create user profiles in DMS
Customer Experience

With proper product data feeding your online experiences the customer is given the opportunity to discover their products faster, more accurately, and with the fewest number of clicks.

  • The true cost of a bad online experience
  • Seen and unseen impacts of PIM on the customer experience
Chargebacks, Missed Sales, and Returns

The hidden value in PIM is in costs not always associated with product data. Many manufacturers pay fines from retailers when their logistics data is incorrect and as a result, also experience the increasing number of returns from customers on digital channels.

  • The cost of incorrect logistics data
  • User points-of-failure in the data syndication process
  • The PIM answer to drastically reducing expenses
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