Sitecore Experience Marketing

Analytics, automation and personalization – a dynamic combination.

Sitecore's Experience Marketing (formerly Digital Marketing System) allows you to interact with prospects and customers through a unified marketing strategy that provides powerful, actionable insights to help you to improve conversion rates. Sitecore Experience Marketing puts quality leads gained through web, email, mobile and social channels right at your fingertips and makes understanding campaign and site performance easy.


Engagement Analytics
Understand campaign and site performance, gain the insight you need to improve conversion rates and generate more qualified leads with Sitecore AIDA™ technology.

  • Measure marketing initiatives across multiple channels
  • Gain deep insight into the visitor experience
  • Provide content based on visitor behavior with real time personalization
  • Continually optimize your site for an improved experience with A/B multivariate testing

Integrated Email Marketing
The only email solution that can seamlessly integrate with your website, online campaign performance metrics, marketing automation and content personalization.

  • Personalize based on deep profile knowledge across all interactions
  • Automate campaigns to trigger based on events or profile understanding to proactively engage with prospects in the buying cycle
  • Test, optimize, and improve your campaign results with powerful, built-in analytics
  • Integrate with your CRM system to close the loop

Adaptive Print Studio
Break down silos between your online and print content to deliver more dynamic, personalized print media that engages prospects and customers. With the best of the web brought to print, you can rapidly deploy web assets into printed materials.

  • Personalize your print content based on visitor interests, behavior, location and buying information
  • Manage content – both web and print – centrally to enable reuse and repurposing of content and output new collateral pieces quickly and easily
  • Empower your team to create brochures and other print materials on their own with pre-designed templates and with no knowledge of InDesign

Engagement Automation
Automate interactions with your customers and prospects through a unified system that remembers previous visitor history to continue ongoing, personalized conversations.

  • Design and monitor engagement plans within an intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Campaigns are “always on,” freeing marketing resources to launch new initiatives
  • Personalization and individual customer history combine to provide the “can’t miss” offer that will resonate and be the most relevant for each customer

Sales Intelligence
Give your sales team the ability to engage more meaningfully and close more deals through the use of immediate qualified lead notification and improved customer knowledge. Providing insight into leads and customer behavior emanating from a prospect’s entire experience across your website, campaigns and email marketing, your sales force can engage more meaningfully and close more deals faster.

  • Prioritize sales response and personalize marketing campaigns based on Sitecore’s lead profiling
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing CRM systems (including Oracle and Salesforce)
  • Identify new and active prospects among website visitors


Experience Marketing comes as a standard module when purchasing Sitecore’s Experience Platform. Contact Aware for more information.


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