PIM Integration

Aware helps you master your product data.

Your complicated product catalog can be tamed by Aware so a single source of data is feeding all of your external content. This results in a consistent and appealing message that is more engaging when presented to your customers. And when your product info is accurately and consistently presented, your sales benefit.

To start, Aware strategizes to create a data model that works with all of your complex product information. Aware understands that the more quickly and easily a product profile can be assembled, the faster it will get to market. And by providing the same product messaging and visuals across multiple channels, customer recognition of your product is enhanced.

Also, Aware looks inside your business and offers a software and integration solution that provides your company an up-to-the-minute, accurate take of your ecommerce, POS, CMS and even printed marketing product data. The result? One source of accurate product info that is available to everyone inside and outside your company AND that powers an ecommerce engine and other customer-facing touch points.

Our Capabilities

  • PIM data modeling
    Aware analyzes your data and consolidates your product information so only one “source of truth” exists
  • PIM data import
    Aware identifies your current data sources and develops a scripted import process to populate your PIM quickly and easily
  • PIM data management
    Aware configures your PIM using a wide variety of features to seamlessly conform to your business needs
  • PIM data export
    Aware tailors the data to the unique needs of your external systems making sure the outbound data structure matches protocol of those destination systems
  • inRiver partnership
    Aware partners closely with inRiver PIM offering advanced expertise to simplify your product data

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