Billboard Manager

Billboard Manager

Build engaging animated billboards in minutes.

Bypass the tedious coding process to quickly create and customize slideshow billboards for your site. The Billboard Manager gives even the least technical user the ability to design sophisticated content managed billboards with ease in Sitecore. Now marketers and developers alike the freedom to create dynamic billboards directly within Sitecore’s content editing interface. This new tool allows you to customize billboard content based on marketing campaigns, product releases, audience personalization and unique business goals. Add a new dimension to your content marketing strategy and save significant of time and money in the process. The wide range of preset templates and customization options allow you to tailor your billboard content based on your target audience in just a few simple steps.



  • Increase customer engagement through compelling billboard content
  • Quickly create and manage billboards inside your Sitecore UI
  • Javascript and jQuery eliminate your reliance on Flash
  • Predefined templates and sublayouts save time and money
  • Add captivating animations with over 200 preconfigured transitions
  • Easily create responsive, full-width, full size or fixed dimension billboards
  • Embed YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5 video and audio files into slides
  • SEO friendly and compatible with most browsers and mobile devices


  • Unlimited layers for custom images, text, audio, video or other HTML content
  • Slides can be linked or embedded with a deep link to designated slides
  • Audio and video within slides have both auto-pause and auto-play options
  • Several predesigned skins included and the option to design your own skins using PSD files
  • Individual layers can slide, fade, rotate, scale, skew or contain any variation of these animations
  • Preset 2D and 3D transitions include two way, looping, hover, fading and parallax effects
  • Manage slide content without developer or IT assistance
  • Ships as a Sitecore package with a predefined set of templates and sublayouts
  • All transitions are preconfigured and integrated as selectable attributes for images and overlays
  • Vast array of billboard options including image slider, video gallery slider, mixed media slider, carousel and banner rotator


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