Content Relevancy: You Heard About It at Symposium, Now Make It Happen

As we return to work after last week’s amazing Sitecore Symposium in New Orleans, it’s time to reflect on that whirlwind of an experience and everything we learned during the week. We met a lot of new folks and reconnected with old friends both in the partner channel and Sitecore customer space. We left energized and excited – ready to get back to work!

I was particularly struck by Sitecore’s co-founder Lars Nielsen and his closing remarks. A key takeaway from Lars’ speech was, “Content means relevancy, and your customers deserve relevancy.” So, so true and timely too. The digital marketing and customer experience arena is growing exponentially with new innovations, mantras, and strategies unveiled on a monthly basis….where does one even start? Delivering relevant content to your customers shouldn’t be an uphill battle and as I’ve blogged before, personalization doesn’t have to daunting.  BUT I know that in the real world, it can be hard to fight that internal inertia we all know exists. So if you’re inspired by what you heard at Symposium or where the experience marketing trends are headed but you need a quick way to get your foot in the door, you might want to consider Aware’s Sitecore xMarketing Quick Start Program.

We developed the Sitecore xMarketing Quick Start Program because our clients needed a way to get started and show progress quickly when adopting the Sitecore xMarketing toolset. Our Sitecore xM Quick Start Program has two tracks:

1) Engagement Value Tracking  which focuses on creating Profiles and Profile Keys, User Goals, Profile Cards, Content Tagging, and Reporting

2) Campaigns with Personalization which focuses on your Google AdWords campaigns, Google AdWords Remarketing Ads, Email Marketing Campaigns, GeoIP, and Reporting.

These two programs are a great way for you to quickly gain traction and show the value of Sitecore xM and most importantly, deliver relevant content and experiences to your customers. Because as Lars said, they deserve that.

To learn more about Aware’s Sitecore xMarketing Quick Start Programs, download our Engagement Value Tracking and Campaigns with Personalization Fact Sheets today.  


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