The BEST Sitecore DMS Marketers Today Use Swift Reporting as Their #1 Competitive Edge

One of your biggest challenges as a marketer is making sense of big data. Armed with a well-executed DMS strategy, even the savviest Sitecore DMS Marketer can end up with massive amounts of data and no real actionable insights.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the NEWEST version of Swift Reporting. 

With Swift Reporting 2.1 you can collect and connect an overflow of rich data in new ways:

  • Organize your DMS data in real-time and serve up customized reports directly from your Sitecore UI 
  • Quickly connect meaningful data points using pre-configured reports developed from years of market research
  • Segment, sort and filter data in more granular ways to analyze end user activity from prospects, competitors, etc., on deeper levels
  • Track and segment visitor activity prior to and during site visits with historical metrics attached to individual profiles
  • Export data directly into presentation ready formats to keep your marketing efforts moving forward
Click here now to learn more about Swift Reporting 2.1 and how you can get a FREE 90 day trial.

Redefine the way you market.

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