Webinar – How to Manage Project Scope Creep Using Agile Processes

We are excited to announce two of Aware’s top project and account managers will be headlining a webinar on June 8th on ways they’ve successfully managed project scope creep and kept clients in control of the outcomes by using key agile principles.

Jamie Holzer and Kelly Calendine will share their strategy and tactics for collaborating with clients and managing scope creep effectively using a project process Aware has coined as “Client Directed Agile”. 

Scope creep is inherent to any project, especially technology implementations like those that Aware specializes in. The main driving forces that contribute to scope creep are when priorities change faster than the project timeline.

“Everything changes but change itself.” - John F. Kennedy

At Aware, we believe in embracing scope creep instead of fearing it. With our Client Directed Agile process, our clients are empowered to deal with change by being in full control of the priorities and outcomes of their project along with having full awareness of the pros and cons along with the weight of Aware’s advice and recommendations to help inform their decisions. It’s collaboration at its best where both the agency team and the client team are driving in the same direction toward the same goals.

Scope creep, when properly managed, can lead to better project outcomes that are more relevant to the business climate at hand. Learn more from Aware by registering for the webinar today!

In this webinar you will learn: 

The benefits of client-directed agile:

  • Ongoing client partnerships that result in constant and consistent work
  • Transparent workflows that build trust and eventual referrals
  • Fosters client participation in prioritization and understanding of capacity
  • Visibility for both clients and agencies to be in the know about progress, status, and any roadblock
  • Improved organization and reduced administration and billing disputes

Aware’s Client Directed Agile process using real-world examples, including:

  1. How to get clients to buy-in to the "client-directed agile" model.
  2. How to best define scope at the start of a client relationship.
  3. How to manage scope creep within the agile framework.
  4. The team's role in handling scope creep effectively.
  5. Answering all of your questions to allow you to learn from their experience.

Register today!

The webinar is being hosted by Assembla, a SaaS-based team collaboration software. Aware uses Assembla’s Portfolio product to help keep our client’s projects running smoothly and with transparency.

(Kelly Calendine, Account Manager, Aware and Jamie Holzer, Director of Project Management, Aware)

Contact Aware to find out how we can help your organization leverage our honed Client Directed Agile project process to help your organization navigate the inevitable project scope creep while never losing control.


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Lital Barkan said: 5/25/2016 at 5:52 PM

Very excited to learn from the brilliant Aware team. Digital agencies and companies that provide development services for clients are reporting that scope creep is their #1 frustration in collaborating with clients. I think that the processes Aware has implemented can teach us all and I look forward to hearing more companies honestly say that they embrace scope creep like you do! Thanks in advance for the lesson :)

Kris Kieper said: 5/31/2016 at 3:32 PM

We are looking forward to sharing our insights and experience! .