Aware Introduces Rapid PIM

Implementing a Product Information Management (PIM) solution?  With Aware’s Rapid PIM Program, you’ll shorten time to value, quickly gain clarity and rapidly drive business value across your organization.

Product Information Management (PIM): Your solution to disparate data silos and tangled product data.

A Product Information Management system, or PIM, eliminates data silos by enabling organizations to store all of their product data from various inbound sources in a structured and organized manner within one “source of truth” system where it can be centrally maintained and enriched to be relevant to the various outbound channels it will feed.

For your initial PIM implementation, Aware recommends our Rapid PIM Program which focuses on the creation of a well-built and scalable data model to help eliminate your existing disparate data silos.

Based on inRiver’s award winning platform, Aware creates a product data model that accommodates all of your product categories and imports a subset of your data into each category to help you learn the system.  Aware then test publishes a sample of that data using one of inRiver’s Standard Outbound Connectors to a suitable external system to demonstrate how the product information can be used.

"We really appreciate when our implementation partners take our already flexible and fast-to-implement platform and package it for their customers’ needs. Aware has used their in-depth knowledge about implementing eCommerce, CMS and inRiver to create a packaged implementation approach that will help our joint customers to get even faster time to value.” – Johan Bostroem, Founder, CSO - inRiver

Contact Aware for more information about our Rapid PIM service using inRiver's platform.

Learn more about Aware's technology partnership with inRiver here.


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