Aware Unveils New Headquarters

Our culture of working virtually hasn’t changed, however the space for Awarians to spread out and let their collaborative juices flow has grown significantly.

Last week Trevor Olson, President and CEO of Aware, and Jeremy Ziegler, Chairman and CEO of Aware, called the team in for a seemingly ordinary all-company meeting. As the meeting concluded, they announced that Aware’s brand new headquarters were ready to be unveiled and invited the team down to celebrate in the new office space.

Aware’s culture has always paired a virtual working environment with dedicated office space for team meetings and the occasional change of scenery. The new space features large conference rooms, whiteboard walls to keep creativity flowing, individual high-tech work stations along with more team-oriented, open workspace as well. With big plans in Aware’s future, the freshly expanded headquarters will serve as a collaborative hub for our remote team as we continue to grow.

Trevor Olson, President and CEO of Aware, surprises the team by announcing that everyone’s invited to head over and celebrate the new office.

A large Aware logo now welcomes team members, clients and other visitors.

Awarians test out the new digs and give the open, collaborative workspace several thumbs up.

Jeremy, Trevor, Nate S. and Ben enjoy a chat in the new work station area.

Rooms now feature whiteboard walls to make the flow of creative ideas and brainstorming sessions even more productive.

Occasionally these whiteboards are disguised as “orange whiteboards,” like the one in this new conference room.

Matt, Seth, Mike and Doug test out the space in the second conference room.

Awarians excitedly toured the new headquarters while enjoying snacks and beverages. 

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Dan said: 4/9/2014 at 1:18 PM

These pictures don't really do it justice. It really is quite open and airy, with lots of opportunity for collaborative space. Well done guys!