Sitecore Hosting Architecture Considerations – Consider the “why” and not just the “how.” - An interview with Eric Nordberg.

I recently sat down with Eric Nordberg, one of Aware’s Solution Architects.  Eric wrote a blog post for us titled, “Sitecore Hosting Architecture Considerations.”  This post has been well received and has consistently been one of our most popular posts on

So I sat down with Eric to learn more.  I asked him, “What’s the story behind your Sitecore Hosting Architecture Considerations blog post?” and “What triggered you to write it?”

I found his answer interesting because it sheds some light on the difference between simply understanding how to do something vs. understanding why one way of doing something is better than another based upon your unique environment, challenges and goals. That’s a big difference and one that we’re very aware of at Aware Web Solutions.

So here’s Eric’s response to my question regarding the story behind his post.


Earlier this Spring, I was working with a client about their hosting architecture and what they were going to set up. 

They just had a lot of confusion about…

What is a Sitecore hosting architecture?  What are the pieces of it? 

SQL server is used, but how? 

How many databases?  What do they do? 

How would you separate authoring from delivery?

How would you deal with redundancy? 

They had a bunch of questions of that nature.  And at the time, there wasn't a good resource that I could identify just send to them and say, Read this!

Watch more of Eric's interview about how to determine the environment that best suits your needs.

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