Aware’s Top Blog Posts and Events of 2013

From celebrating 15 years of business to launching the new, it’s been quite the busy year here at Aware.

With all our hard work and frequent celebrations this year, we have had plenty to share on the Aware Insights blog. During 2013 we served up some great Sitecore knowledge courtesy of our talented Awarians, gave visitors a glimpse into life at Aware, and shared news on several events we had the honor to attend. Just in case you missed any of the excitement, below are a few of Aware’s top blog posts and events of 2013:

  1. Aware Web Celebrates 15 Years
    Aware took a moment – more like an entire evening sprinkled with lots of fun moments – to celebrate our 15th anniversary with those who have made this ride an exciting one.

  2. Sitecore Caching
    Sitecore has several layers of caching, however sometimes it’s necessary to add your own caching. This post gives you all the details.

  3. 5 Content Marketing Strategies That Enhance Customer Experience
    The evolution of content delivery has not only changed the way consumers interact with brands, but also how and when they decide to consume. Check out these strategies to help you own your customer experience.

  4. Instantiating Your First Sitecore Azure Site
    Windows Azure has made a large footprint in the world of cloud hosting. Take a look at why Azure is the perfect environment for a completely cloud based Sitecore solution.

  5. Aware Celebrates Launch of New
    Awarians braved the snowy conditions and made an afterhours stop to celebrate the team behind the launch of our newly designed website.

  6. Your Digital Brand As Seen In 2013
    That 160 character Twitter bio sure sounds nice, but what if someone was to Google you?

  7. Using Region Codes Instead of Language Codes in Sitecore URLs
    Sitecore’s LinkManager class offers easy access to the language code of the content within the URL. This blog post demonstrates how to use a region code instead of – or in addition to – the language code.

  8. Annual Holiday Happy Hour
    Unlike most Aware happy hours, adorning yourself with ironically humorous attire was highly encouraged at this year’s Annual Holiday Happy Hour and even earned 4 Awarians some pretty sweet prizes.

  9. Web Forms for Marketers: Styling How-To
    Sitecore’s Web Forms for Marketers module provides a quick and easy way to create basic forms for your website. This blog post will show you all the ropes.

  10. Aware’s Joel Konecny Receives Sitecore MVP Honor
    Kudos to Joel Konecny who was honored with a Sitecore Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award this year!

We have a feeling 2014 will be equally exciting, so if you don’t want to miss out on any of the action be sure to check the Aware Insights blog regularly.

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