Thunderhead Partnership

Together Building Stronger Customer Engagement

Aware’s technology partnership with Thunderhead, the leading provider of customer engagement solutions via their ONE Engagement Hub, couples our decades of strategic business consulting expertise with Thunderhead’s deep knowledge of omnichannel customer journey management. Together we are building stronger customer engagement on the ONE platform based on our client’s unique needs.

There are many customer engagement tools that focus solely on direct digital engagement. Yet even in our heightened digital age, customers don’t interact with brands solely through digital means. ONE extends digital engagement and addresses the cross-channel communication gap by connecting customer experiences across all channels – web, mobile, social, campaigns, in-person, and contact centers – enabling a multi-dimensional understanding of the true customer journey.

ONE is a cloud-based platform that uses lightweight, non-invasive methods to connect existing enterprise systems without needing a long, drawn-out implementation. Organizations using ONE can be equipped to listen to and learn from the entire lifecycle of a customer’s interactions – no matter the channel or method. Powerful visualization features in ONE enable immediate decisioning and the ability to have actionable, relevant and meaningful conversations with customers in real time across all touchpoints. 

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