• Douglas

    Bread Baker. Moss Cultivator. Experience Captain.

    I like working at Aware because being around smart people makes me smarter.

    Photo: Doug with Disco King Danny Terrio, circa 1979

  • Nate

    Painter. Bad Joke Lover. UXpert.

    Fun Fact: His artwork is displayed in galleries and art festivals all over town.

    Photo: "Foshay" by Nathan Walsh - 2012

  • Todd

    Daredevil. Tinkerer. Awesome Analyst.

    I enjoy brewing big batches of beer and racing anything on two wheels. While experience has led me to be passionate about both, wisdom has taught me to enjoy them independent of each other.

    Photo: At the Grattan Raceway in Belding, MI.

  • Brew Bashes

    We don't always drink beer, but when we do, it's an Aware Brew.

    With so many talented brewmeisters on staff, sampling is an annual affair. View more photos.

    Photo: Sampling the 2011 batch of Stardrive Brewery Beer

  • Edgar

    Singer. Songwriter. Front-End Code Poet.

    Don’t let the rugged exterior fool you. Edgar is a teddy bear who excels at writing soft-rock ballads, epic poetry, and killer front-end code.

    Photo: There’s no denying the bristling intensity of the wedding band jam face.

  • Happy Hours

    Some hours are happier than others.

    Any excuse for a happy hour. View more shenanigans.

    Photo: Christina, characteristically subdued.

  • Carrie

    World Traveler. Temporary Tattoo Canvas. Web Marketer.

    "The best part about my job is showing up for work in my pajamas on most days."

    Photo: Showing off her latest body modification.

  • Holiday Parties

    Silver Belles.

    A few Awarians in a room is the definition of a good time. An entire restaurant full of them is the recipe for raucous. View more pictures.

    Photo: Tina and Kris festivate

  • Kris

    Avid Enthusiast. Home Renovator. Organization Organizer.

    "Whether it's on behalf of clients or internally, I enjoy analyzing present challenges and working to create new processes and methods to help bring about strategic improvements."

    Photo: Kris is the outdoorsiest of all Awarians.

  • Doug

    Beer Maker. Head-Shaver. Mad Developer.

    "Even though we have a virtual office, I feel more connected to my coworkers than if we were in a physical office."

    Photo: Rocking the 'hawk.

  • Deb

    Deal Closer. Businss Card Hoarder. VP of Taking Names.

    "What do I like best about working for Aware? That’s easy. There’s always a healthy dose of humor in the air."

    Photo: Acting like she doesn't know the camera is there, and then claiming to be unphotogenic.

  • Blubber Runs

    Fast and Fit

    Yes, this is another event that may involve drinking beer, but at least we run a 5k first.
    More photos of our fitness

    Photo: Official Aware tube socks. It was like running on angels wings.

  • Tara

    Mega-mom. Muppet Impersonator. Analyst Wizard.

    "I like how my team is creating its path in such a fluid way. It is so nice to make decisions with your co-workers and know that the results of those decisions can be felt right away versus needing to go through tons of hoops."

    Photo: Cutting loose.

  • Summer Parties

    Making it count.

    Being a virtual company, we like to make the times we actually spend together really count. Check it out.

    Photo: Rooftop lawnbowling at Brit's is a favorite summer party destination.

  • Kelly

    Bird Fearer. Newlywed. Spunky PM.

    "The thing I like best about working for Aware is the amount of talented people I get to interact with on a daily basis. Awarians tend to be smart, funny and accountable - it’s the desirable coworker trifecta."

  • Ben

    Homebrewer. Pajama Wearer. MVP Über-developer.

    "Dreamcore trips are always fun, especially when JZ and Trevor decide to take us all bar hopping."

    Photo: Representing Aware at the Great Minnesota Get-Together.

  • Brooke

    Afraid of Cats. Fearless Designer.

    Fun Fact: She's an ailurophobic. Terrified of cats – especially stray ones. It’s a real problem.

    Photo: Forcing Brooke to confront her worst fear.

  • Anniversaries

    Celebrating in Style

    Our 15 year anniversary in 2013 – Awarians travel back in time.
    Our 10 year anniversary in 2008 – dancing the night away.

    Photo: Ten-year-olds dancing the night away.

  • Whiffle Ball

    It's not the game, it's how you play it.

    It was for charity, but we played like it was for all the marbles. See for yourself.

    Photo: Jason crowds the plate.

  • Fun & Games

    All work and no fun yadda yadda yadda.

    Sometimes our geekery is thinly vieled. Random goodness.

    Photo: Name That Aware Hair, featuring swapped coiffures.

  • User Group

    A meeting of the minds.

    We like to gather with others who know, use and love Sitecore to completely geek out. Check it out

    Photo: Members of our Sitecore User Group socializing after a meet-up.

  • Katie

    TJ Maxxinista. “Murder She Wrote” Enthusiast. Culture Chat Champion.

    For a girl who falls asleep to Jessica Fletcher every night, she sure knows how to plan a rockin’ party.

  • Jason

    Sitecore MVP. Whiffle Ball Champ. VP of Yeehaw!

    "The opportunity at Aware is amazing. We're always growing, constantly changing, forever evolving."

    Photo: Showing off his long golden locks, like a peacock.

  • Tina

    Natty Knitter. ATV Rider. Esteemed Leader.

    "The best thing about working at Aware is the variety that comes with each client."

    Photo: Her infectious laughter, easily caught on camera.

  • Joel

    Dapper Developer. Solution Architect. Sitecore MVP.

    “As iron sharpens iron, working with great people can really help take your career to the next level. Aware is fun, it's laid back and offers professionals the opportunity to grow.”

    Photo: Joel, exuding MVP mojo.

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