Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Meet our fearless leaders.

Jeremy Ziegler

Jeremy Ziegler, Chairman & CEO
With a unique combination of Internet marketing and technical expertise, Jeremy is able to help clients uncover innovative ways to advance their business through technology. Since co-founding Aware in 1998, Jeremy has demonstrated his management skills and business savvy to colleagues and clients alike. Under his leadership Aware has grown to become one of the largest web solution firms in Minnesota, and the company has accumulated a long list of awards as well. Jeremy is a noted writer, speaker and expert on Internet trends, content management systems, web development, ecommerce and Internet marketing.

Trevor Olson

Trevor Olson, President & CEO
Trevor's entrepreneurial spirit, marketing experience and business understanding give him the ability to see beyond project needs and help clients become profitable in the online marketplace. As a co-founder of Aware, Trevor’s attention has always been on building a world class consulting firm that provides lasting value for its clients while maintaining an engaging culture of awareness, accountability, transparency and trust. His diverse background includes market research, online marketing, design, human resources and public relations which includes a stint at one of the world’s largest public relations firms. This combination of skills has helped him lead Aware to become one of the Twin Cities’ best and brightest web solutions firms.

Debra Francis

Debra Francis, Vice President of Client Engagement
A 15 year veteran of the information technology industry, Deb has spent the past decade deeply focused on the web. Her experience spans from “in-the-trenches” work to strategic leadership of teams that plan, design and deploy robust web solutions for organizations spanning multiple industries and sizes. As leader of Aware’s client engagement team, Deb contributes to the creation of new and forward-thinking web solutions to deliver our clients. Deb is passionate about developing new client relationships, and she dedicates much of her time to building strong partnerships and presenting solutions to businesses looking to leverage the web in new and better ways.

Jason Hedlund

Jason Hedlund, Vice President of Technology
Jason has 20 years of information technology consulting experience, and he has spent a great deal of that time focusing on content management solutions. As Aware’s Vice President of Technology, Jason plays a key role in defining and driving Aware’s Sitecore development methodology. He also leads the development team in strengthening their Sitecore expertise, fine tuning processes and improving execution quality.

Tina Nelson

Tina Nelson Vice President of Client Delivery
Tina Nelson has a diverse background of business and technology that spans over fifteen years and ranges from technical development to project management and strategic analysis. She has assisted clients in determining best practices and transforming strategic initiatives into digestible projects that accomplish set goals. Tina has earned a strong reputation for effectively assessing clients’ business needs and translating them into project plans that deliver a superior user experience. As a leader of Aware’s delivery teams, Tina is focused on strengthening and broadening existing client relationships while delivering quality solutions.