inRiver Partnership

Aware’s partnership with inRiver means the royal treatment of your data.

Aware partners closely with inRiver to bring you advanced expertise for simplifying your product information management (PIM). InRiver’s powerful tools are easy to use and quickly allow product data to be managed efficiently in a visually appealing manner. Using the inRiver features, Aware configures the tool’s capabilities to rapidly facilitate the creation and distribution of product information to multiple channels, often in multiple languages.

  • For B2C projects, especially retailers, Aware works with inRiver to smooth potential bumps when presenting an appealing and consistent array of products to customers. At the same time, Aware’s strategic approach helps inRiver manage the increasing volume and need for speed as the number of vendors and suppliers quickly expands.
  • For B2B projects, Aware understands the constant demand for the delivery of accurate product information to retailers, resellers and customers in order to stay ahead of the competition. Using the power of inRiver, Aware helps make sure your manufacturers, suppliers and distributors can deliver perfect product data.

The Aware partnership with inRiver enhances enterprise initiatives to efficiently control the flow of your product information. Whether enhancing PIM data import, PIM data management or PIM data export, inRiver capabilities make sure product info conforms to your business needs.

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inRiver Awards and Accolades
  • 2016 – Rising Star of North America Award

“The inRiver Rising Star in North America has shown a great deal of commitment in understanding the value of inRiver PIM as well as how it can enhance their customers’ CMS and eCommerce initiatives. They have been dedicated to working closely with us to develop marketing campaigns and thought leadership to help generate interest and educate the US market.  We look forward to continuing to build our partnership and seeing the hard work pay off with many joint success stories.” Joe Golemba, inRiver

K.A Niclas Mollin – CEO and Partner, inRiver; Trevor Olson - President and CEO, Aware; Joe Golemba – VP Strategic Alliances, Channel Sales and Expert Services, inRiver

Aware Introduces Rapid PIM Program
Based on inRiver’s award winning platform, Aware will create a product data model that accommodates all of your product categories, import a subset of your data into each category to help you learn the system, and test publish some of that data using one of inRiver’s Standard Outbound Connectors to a suitable external system to demonstrate how the product information can be used. 

What business value will you gain from our Rapid PIM Program? 
  • Shorten time to value. Show progress quickly with a product data model that is built right the first time. 
  • Gain clarity/Identify roadblocks. Obtain a clear picture of what your data import and export processes will take to build and configure. 
  • Drive business value across organization. Gain insights into how the inRiver PIM works and how it can ease your internal processes throughout the business. 
What does the Rapid PIM Program provide you? 
  • A customized product data model that accommodates all of your product categories 
  • A subset of your data from each category imported into the PIM 
  • A test publish of that data to a suitable external system to demonstrate how the product information can be used 
  • A clear, real world picture of what’s required to complete the import of all your product data 
As you gain knowledge of and confidence in the process, you can iterate future PIM expansion by focusing on specific needs and requirements of additional product inbound and outbound channels. The result is a continuous rollout that provides much faster adoption and results.

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